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What Is a Straw Poll?

A straw poll is a quick and easy way to gauge popular opinion on any topic. Whether you're trying to decide what movie to watch with friends or getting feedback from millions of constituents, a straw poll can give you the information you need.

Absolutely Free

All of our polls are 100% free and there is no limit on the number of polls you can make. You can create as many polls as you want, without even having to sign up!

Real-Time Results

See all the votes as they come in with our real-time results feature. You won't have to wait days for the results - you can see them as we process them.

Advanced Systems

We make it easy for you to vote in complex systems, including Instant-Runoff, STAR, and Ranked Pairs voting. We do all the complicated calculations behind the scenes so you can focus on understanding the results.

Where Can I Use

Our polls work perfectly on WhatsApp, Facebook, Discord, YouTube, and other platforms.

You can use our polls anywhere you can share a link!

No Paywalls

We're committed to upholding democratic principles by providing a paywall-free experience. We believe anyone should be able to use the service with no hassle.

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