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What Is a Straw Poll?

A straw poll is a way to quickly understand popular opinion on some matter. It can be used for anything from deciding what movie a group of friends should watch, to politicians asking millions of constituents for their opinion.

Absolutely Free

All of our polls are 100% free and there is no limit on the number of polls you can make. Make as many polls as you want with no sign-up required!

Real-Time Results

Immediately see all the votes as they roll in with real-time results. No need to wait days for results, you'll see the results as we process them.

Advanced Systems

We provide a very simple interface to vote in complex voting systems, including Instant-Runoff, STAR, and Ranked Pairs voting. We do all the complicated calculations for these polls behind the scenes so you can easily understand the results.

Where Can I Use StrawPoll.vote?

Our polls are designed to work perfectly with WhatsApp, Facebook, Discord, YouTube, and others.

Anywhere you can share a link, you can use our polls!

How Straw Polling Works

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Enter your question and add the options to the poll.

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See the Results

See the polling results in real time.

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